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After Effects CS5 Essentials Online Course

After Effects CS5 Essentials Online Course


With our Adobe After Effects CS5 Essentials you'll learn the basics from getting started setting up compositions and importing files, to more complex animations, masks, text, and even 3D! You will learn tips and tricks, as well as techniques that you can use to create your own compositions. After Effects is the standard in the industry for compositing and graphics animation - stay competitive and add this skill set to your knowledge.

  1. Basic Video Concepts
  2. Importing Files
  3. Project Panel Overview & Arranging a Workspace
  4. Creating a New Composition
  5. Placing Footage in the Composition
  6. Creating a Film Strip Effect with Multiple Movies
  7. Timeline Panel Overview
  8. Timeline Switches, Time Ruler & Work Area
  9. Composition Panel Overview
Chapter 2: ANIMATION BASICS (54 min)
  1. Exploring the Transform Properties
  2. Introduction to Keyframing
  3. Spatial Interpolation
  4. Temporal Interpolation
  5. Practicing Interpolation
  6. Copying & Pasting Keyframes
  7. Creating a Loop & Changing the Animation Speed
Chapter 3: WORKING WITH MASKS (54 min)
  1. Introduction to Masks
  2. Animating Masks
  3. Working with Mask Interpolation
  4. Using Masks for Position Keyframes
  5. Creating a Simple Animation Using Masks
Chapter 4: ANIMATING TEXT (38 min)
  1. An Introduction to Text in After Effects
  2. Using Text Presets
  3. Creating Text on a Path
  4. Creating a Preset
  5. Animators: Adding a Range Selector
  6. Adding Properties to the Same Range Selector
  7. Animating Two or More Range Selectors
  8. Animators: Adding a Wiggly Selector
  9. Working with Photoshopå¨ Text
Chapter 5: ANIMATION ASSISTANTS (36 min)
  1. Using Motion Sketch & Smoother
  2. Working with Auto-Orient & Split Layer
  3. Time Remapping
  4. Creating a Picture Montage
  1. Parenting Basics & Null Objects
  2. Using Parenting in a Mechanical Crane Animation
  3. Using Parenting to Create a Stacking Ruler Animation
  4. Text Animation Based on the CTI Location
  5. Introduction to Basic Expressions
  6. Wiggle & Looping Expressions
  7. Using Expressions to Animate Based on Audio Amplitude
Chapter 7: BASIC COMPOSITING (51 min)
  1. Applying Layer Blending Modes
  2. Creating a Track Matte
  3. Keying & Keylight
  4. Compound Effects: Gradient Wipe & Displacement Map
  5. Compound Effects: Wave World & Caustics
  6. Precomposing & Nesting
  7. Rotoscoping with the Roto Brush
Chapter 8: PARTICLES & PAINT (40 min)
  1. Introduction to Particle Generators
  2. Creating a Chimney & Smoke Animation
  3. Introduction to Paint
  4. Creating an Invisible Pen Effect with Paint
Chapter 9: BASIC EFFECTS 22:31 min)
  1. Creating Clouds with Fractals
  2. Creating a Spinning Globe with CC Sphere
  3. Creating a Moving Background with Bezier Warp
  4. Colorizing with CC Toner
  5. Animating a Stroke with a Lens Flare
Chapter 10: INTRODUCTION TO THE 3D ENGINE (43 min)
  1. Introduction to Lights, Cameras & Camera Views
  2. Creating 3D Text with Lights & Shadows
  3. Animating a 3D Scene
  4. A Quick Look at Vanishing Point
Chapter 11: RENDERING & EXPORTING (17 min)
  1. Using the Render Queue
  2. Other Methods of Exporting
  3. Credits
  • Length of Subscription: 12 Months Online On-Demand Access
  • Running Time: 8 Hours
  • Platform: Windows & MAC OS
  • Level: Beginner to Intermediate
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