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Adobe Fireworks CS4 Online Training Course

Adobe Fireworks CS4 Online Training Course



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Course Description

Our Adobe Fireworks CS4 course introduces you to Adobe's web graphic development program, Fireworks. After watching this training, you'll know how to create vector graphics, layouts and interactive buttons for a website. You'll also learn about the interface, and unlock the flexible features that allow you to edit bitmap images, apply automated Commands, and optimize images for the Web. In addition, you'll explore the more dynamic Web features, including creating slices, linking hotspots, animating states, and more. This series is just what you need to get up to speed quickly on everything Fireworks has to offer!

Course Content

Chapter 1: GETTING STARTED (34 min)
  • Creating a New Document & Modifying the Workspace
  • Exploring the Tools Panel
  • Exploring the Properties Panel & Preferences
  • Customizing Keyboard Shortcuts
  • Zooming In & Out
  • Modifying Canvas Properties
  • Accessing Fireworks Help & Support
Chapter 2: WORKING WITH BITMAPS (27 min)
  • Importing & Cropping
  • Making Selections
  • Adjusting Color
  • Using the Rubber Stamp Tool
  • Using the Blur Tool & History Panel
  • Transforming & Positioning an Image
Chapter 3: CREATING VECTOR IMAGES (23 min)
  • Using Rulers, Guides & Grids
  • Selecting Colors & Swatches
  • Drawing a Shape & Adding a Gradient
  • Using the Ellipse Tool
  • Using the Freeform & Subselection Tools to Distort Shapes
  • Using the Line Tool & Applying Patterns & Textures
  • Applying Filters & Working with Styles
Chapter 4: WORKING WITH TEXT (15 min)
  • Creating & Formatting Text
  • Using Placeholder Text & Importing Text
  • Using the Find and Replace & Check Spelling Commands
Chapter 5: WORKING WITH LAYERS (20 min)
  • Introducing the Layers Panel
  • Adding & Deleting Layers & Sub Layers
  • Showing, Hiding & Locking Layers
  • Renaming, Organizing & Changing Stacking Order
  • Single Layer Editing & Flattening Layers
  • Combining Paths
  • Changing Opacity & Blend Modes
  • Creating & Applying Commands
  • Attaching Text to a Path
  • Using Rulers to Determine Button Size
  • Creating & Aligning a Button
  • Stylizing a Button
  • Setting Button States
  • Creating Multiple Buttons
  • Naming, Linking & Testing Buttons
Chapter 8: CREATING SLICES & HOTSPOTS (17 min)
  • Creating a Hotspot
  • Naming & Linking Hotspots
  • Inserting Slices Based on Selections
  • Using the Slice Tools, Testing & Previewing
Chapter 9: OPTIMIZING FOR EXPORT (30 min)
  • Introducing the Optimize Panel
  • Choosing a File Format & Settings
  • Comparing JPEG Optimization Settings
  • Optimizing a GIF & Saving a Preset
  • Exporting Your File & Viewing It in Dreamweaver®
Chapter 10: CREATING GIF ANIMATIONS (20 min)
  • Intro to Animation & the States Panel
  • Using the Share Layer To States & Animate Selection Commands
  • Symbols, Adding a Still Text State & Onion Skinning
  • Frame-by-Frame Animation
  • Adjusting the Timing, Looping & Exporting
  • Using Library Items in Dreamweaver
  • Exporting a SWF & Editing It in Flash®
  • Editing Layers in Photoshop®
  • Editing Vector Graphics in Illustrator®
  • Credits

  • Length of Subscription: 12 Months Online On-Demand Access
  • Running Time: 6 Hours
  • Platform:  Windows & MAC OS
  • Level: Beginner to Intermediate
  • Project Files: Included

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