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IGCSE Travel & Tourism Distance Learning Course

IGCSE Travel & Tourism Distance Learning Course

[ UIG11 ]


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Course Description

This IGCSE Travel & Tourism Distance Learning course is designed to help meet the growing need for well qualified and knowledgeable people who want a career in the Travel and Tourism industry. This qualification will provide you with a broad introduction to the key components of this exciting and challenging field.

  • Course Length - 12 Months
  • Award Received - CIE IGCSE in Travel & Tourism
  • Course Code: UIG11

The aim of this course is to provide you with:
  • understanding of the travel and tourism industry
  • theoretical knowledge of the industry and related sectors, including knowledge of travel and tourism products and services, the infrastructure on which they depend and the transport system needed to operate them
  • practical ability in a range of skills and procedures related to working in the travel and tourism industry, including knowledge of the essential personal and professional skills required by individuals working in the service sector
  • critical awareness of the physical, social and economic environments in which travel and tourism takes place, including understanding of the global, regional and local perspectives of travel and tourism

The materials and accompanying exercises provided will help you to develop the necessary knowledge and confidence to successfully attempt the exams. These skills will also stand you in good stead for when you prepare for the examination questions. The key parts of the course which are important in every aspect are planning your studies and practice.


The Travel and Tourism Industry

  • Investigate the social, cultural, economic and environmental impact of travel and tourism
  • Identify the role of national governments in forming tourism policy and promotion

Features of Worldwide Destinations
  • Demonstrate knowledge of the main global features
  • Demonstrate awareness of different time zones and climates
  • Investigate travel and tourism destinations
  • Identify and describe the features which attract tourists to a particular destination

Customer Care and Working Procedures
  • Identify the essential personal skills required when working in the travel and tourism industry
  • Follow basic procedures when handling customer enquiries, making reservations and payments
  • Explore the presentation and promotion of tourist facilities

Travel and Tourism Products and Services
  • Identify and describe tourism products
  • Describe support facilities for travel and tourism
  • Explore the features of worldwide transport in relation to major international routes

Marketing and Promotion
  • Product as part of the marketing mix
  • Price as part of the marketing mix
  • Place as part of the marketing mix
  • Promotion as part of the marketing mix

The Marketing and Promotion of Visitor Services
  • The provision of tourist products and services
  • Basic principles of marketing and promotion
  • Leisure travel services
  • Business travel services

As you progress through the Online GCSE Travel and Tourism Course sections you will encounter lessons, activities, core reading and assessments

What will be in the examinations?

If you have looked at the full specification on the Cambridge website, you will have noticed that there are various options including coursework. We will be preparing you only for the examinations options. No coursework is required.

The papers have the following structure:
  • Paper 1: This comprises four scenario-based questions which require candidates to provide short answers (60% of total marks). This exam is largely based on Units 1-4 of the travel and tourism syllabus.
  • Paper 2: This comprises scenario-based questions requiring short answers and is primarily based on Unit 5 - Marketing and Promotion (40% of total marks).

Where do I sit my examinations?
Students are reminded that it is their responsibility to find and register with a centre to take the examinations. UK Distance Learning and Publishing Learning cannot take any responsibility for this. Syllabus code 0471

Our IGCSE courses are fully digitised so you can study on any smart device. We also provide our study guides in print, so you have the option to study in any format you choose. Your learning programme is completely flexible so you can study at a pace that suits you. All our content is broken down into bite size chunks to make your learning more manageable and effective.

  • Your course of study is broken down into units and sections, each of which contains lessons, activities and test papers.
  • Courses are delivered on our Moodle based Digital Learning Environment CloudPort allowing you to study from anywhere on any smart device as long as you have access to the Internet.
  • The course concludes by preparing you for examination using past papers in your chosen subject.

This course can be taken over a 12 month period but you can complete it as fast or as slowly as you wish.

  • Your have access to both a student service advisor and academic course tutor. Your student service advisor will offer assistance with administrative and technical issues.
  • Your academic tutor will support you with any course related questions you might have. In addition you have access to an interactive forum where you can engage with your fellow course students.
  • Our core pedagogy highlights the significance of peer support in the learning process and as such all students are encouraged to support their fellow students using support forum.

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