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Schedule & Cost Control Training

Schedule & Cost Control Training

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Schedule & Cost Control provides participants with real world tools to manage the complex problems surrounding schedule and cost management. Students will learn a variety of tools and techniques to see what works and what does not in the real world of project management.

This course is best suited for intermediate and advanced project managers. Students can claim 14 PDU/Contact Hours upon completion of this course.


Course Introduction

Section 01 - Quick PM Review
Quick PM Review
The PMI-SP Process
The PMI-SP Exam
The Basics of PM
The Five Process Groups
The PMI Process Model
The Nine Knowledge Areas

Section 02 - Time Management
Time Management
The PMI Scheduling Model
6.1 Define Activities
6.2 Sequence Activities
6.3 Estimate Activity Resources
6.4 Estimating Activity Duration
6.5 Develop Schedule
6.6 Control Schedule
Types of Dependencies
Precedence Diagramming - Finish to Start
Precedence Diagramming - Start to Start
Precedence Diagramming - Finish to Finish
Precedence Diagramming - Start to Finish
Conditional Diagramming
Leads and Lags
Duration Estimating Methods
Bottom-Up Estimating
Analogous Estimating
Expert Judgment for Estimating
Parametric Modeling Estimating
Program Evaluation & Review Technique (PERT)
Project Evaluation & Review Technique (PERT)
Resource Considerations
Schedule Creation

Section 03 - Critical Path Method
Critical Path Method
CPM Basics
CPM Basics 2
CPM Diagram
A Basic PDM Diagram
Resource Leveling
Simulation Advantages & Disadvantages
Duration Compression

Section 04 - Basic Cost Management
Basic Cost Management
7.1 Estimate Cost
7.2 Determine Budget
7.3 Control Costs
Types of Cost Estimating
Bottom-Up Cost Estimating
Analogous / Top Down Estimating
Parametric Cost Estimating
Types of Project Costs
Estimate Types
The Cost Baseline
Total Project Budget

Section 05 - Introduction to Earned Value
Introduction to Earned Value
Basic Performance Reporting
Triangle Reporting
Basic Terms
Basic Terms Continued
Basic Formulas
The Key to Learning EVT
Reading EVT Values
An Example
Forecasting - ETC
Forecasting - EAC
Forecasting - TCPI
Forecasting - ETTC
Forecasting - Other Calculations
Cumulative Cost Curve
EVT Charting
EV Performance Radar
EV 4th Dimension Radar
Performance Dashboard

Section 06 - Critical Chain Management
Critical Chain Management
Section Objectives
The Current Management Paradigm
Current Project Schedules
Project Schedules
Project Schedules 2
Project Schedules 3
Project Schedules 4
Project Schedules 5
The Results
What Else Can You Do?
Overestimate AKA Pad the Schedule
Management's Response
A New Paradigm
The Theory of Constraints
Theory of Constraints Meets Project Management
Critical Chain Step 1
Critical Chain Step 2
Prevent Multi-Tasking
Prevent Multi-Tasking 2
CCPM Key Concepts
A CCPM Example
A CCPM Example 2
A CCPM Example 3
A CCPM Example 4
A CCPM Example 5
A CCPM Example 6
A CCPM Example 7
A CCPM Example 8
A CCPM Example 9
A Better Way
Some Key Ideas

Section 07 - Other Cost Calculations
Other Cost Calculations
Present Value (PV)
Net Present Value Calculation
Net Present Value (NPV)
Future Value Calculation
Internal Rate of Return (IRR)
Return On Investment (ROI)
Payback Period
Benefit Cost Ratio (BCR)
Opportunity Costs (OC)
Common Depreciation Conventions
Common Depreciation Conventions 2
Depreciation Formulas
Depreciation Examples
Depreciation Examples UP/O
Depreciation - DDB
Depreciation - SYD
Course Closure




  • 12 Months Online Subscription to instructor-led classroom sessions with full audio, video and Review Quiz Components
    •14 PDU/Contact Hours upon Completion
    •Free 1 Year Upgrade Policy



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